Introduction to
Pastoral Care

At King’s College Doha we firmly believe that the welfare, wellbeing and safety our pupils are our number one priority. We understand that for our pupils to progress in school beyond their own expectations, we need to nurture and develop their physical, social and emotional qualities in addition to challenging them academically.

To enable this development, we have established an exceptionally strong Pastoral Care team that is led by the Deputy Head (Pastoral), Mr Iain Driscoll. The Pastoral Care team supports every pupil during their time both in school and when learning online, taking the time to meet with all pupils on a regular basis to monitor and support their learning. We have an open-door policy and invite our parents to engage with and discuss the wellbeing of their children with their form tutor, class teachers, subject specialists, Head of Year or the Deputy Head (Pastoral).

“Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children is everyone’s responsibility”.

(Keeping Children Safe in Education, 2020) 

Our pupils are highly motivated and inquisitive learners who push themselves both academically and emotionally. Our behaviour allows for pupils to be recognised and rewarded for their efforts which further motivates them to achieve beyond their current expectations.

The pupil prefect team offers the opportunity to develop leadership skills whilst at school. The prefect team consists of the Head Girl, Head Boy, Deputy Head prefects and subject prefects. The team meets regularly to discuss and plan pupil lead improvements and are given leadership training throughout the year.

The prefect team represent the School at external and internal functions and events, as well supporting the pupils and assisting staff when appropriate. As role models, they encourage international understanding, acceptance of difference and diversity across the School community.

Our pupils are also invested in, and participate in the King’s College House system which provides opportunities for all pupils to engage in a range of activities and events, whilst fostering positive relationships between pupils in different year groups.

Find out more about Kings College Doha’s House System


At King’s College Doha we are committed to providing children with a safe environment in which they can learn and thrive. We ensure that all staff are recruited in line with strict recruitment procedures as outlined in our Safer recruitment policy. 

Safe Recruitment involves scrutinising applicants through the information on their application forms, the interview process, verifying identity and qualifications and obtaining appropriate references. We undertake criminal background checks from all countries where the applicant has lived and worked over the last 10 years, as well as additional recruitment checks. 

We continue to maintain our safeguarding while in school through thorough safeguarding checks undertaken on all adults who work or visit our amazing campus. All staff also receive two safeguarding training sessions per year and complete compulsory safeguarding courses.

We have a dedicated safeguarding team that includes: 

  • Iain Driscoll – Designated Safeguarding Lead
  • Sinead Grennan – Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead – EYFS Safeguarding Lead
  • Aaran Donlevy – Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
  • Emma Molloy – Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead – School Nurse

Our exceptional Pastoral Team at King’s is available at all times to meet with pupils and parents. Please reach out to us for any questions you may have!


What is bullying?

Bullying is behaviour that hurts someone else – such as name calling, hitting, pushing, spreading rumours, threatening or undermining someone.

Teaching children to be resilient

Some schools may tell you they do not encounter any bullying. A school that tackles bullying in a positive way is a sign of a school that is strong and accepts that bullying does take place. Rather than ignoring the problem, we have chosen to face it head on and equip our children with the best tools possible to stamp it out. Your support at home is an equally important part of this process; empowering your child will help us in the wider community understand how to resolve bullying in school and further afield.

What we do as a school to help prevent this type of behaviour?
  • We have a robust Safeguarding policy that encompasses an equally extensive Behaviour policy and Anti-Bullying policy.
  • All children follow the Reach for the Stars in the Pre-Prep which translates to House points, milestones and other achievements further up the school.
  • We run a thorough PSHE programme that allows children to share concerns with teachers and their classmates through circle time.
  • We have a Safeguarding Team of adults who are specifically trained to deal with child protection issues.
  • We place a Buddy Bench, Friendship Wall and a Friendship Zone in the playgrounds.
  • School Ambassadors and Playtime Monitors (children in Year 6) oversee and promote positive playground behaviour.
  • We have Be Kind Monitors in Year 2.
  • All staff undertake up-to-date child protection, safeguarding, online safety and anti-bullying training – this is reviewed on an annual basis and key policies are regularly revisited to reflect any significant changes in Governmental legislation. (Key policies can be found on the school’s website and others are available on request.)
  • The Deputy Head (Pastoral) is responsible for the welfare of the children. Ensuring events such as Health & Wellbeing Week, Assemblies and Anti-Bullying Week take place to raise awareness of these important topics. Children are encouraged to understand that they have a voice; they know who they can go to talk to should they have any concerns.

Health and Wellbeing

We are proud to have designed our PSHE curriculum to ensure that we support our pupils to improve their sense of health, happiness and overall well being. The curriculum is designed to develop the pupil’s knowledge, skills and understanding of how they can manage and enhance their mental, social and emotional health.  

During the school year we run a number of different events which promote the wellbeing and mental health of our pupils. Weeks such as Mental Health Week, Internet safety Week and Anti-Bullying week help pupils understand how these areas may impact them, as well as how to seek support and advice if they have any concerns or worries. If you are concerned about the wellbeing of your child or any other child at King’s, please contact us at