Physical Education

There are structured, weekly sessions in games and physical education. From EYFS to Year 8 every class has two lessons of PE each week. There are also coaching and practice sessions for team games, and we take part in QPPSSA and QUESS South League. We have grown to become a successful sporting school, attending top-tier tournaments with competitive teams.

Sporting Facilities

All King’s College Doha pupils benefit from the use of a state-of-the-art all weather pitch, sports hall, two ‘Multi Use Games Areas’ (MUGA). playing courts and a heated outdoor pool. We also offer extra coaching sessions for Golf and Sailing as extra curricular activities after school hours.

Playing  courts 

All weather pitch

Heated outdoor pool

Sports hall

Multi Use Games Areas

Athletics at King’s College Doha

We regularly have children representing King’s at the Qatar Private Primary Schools Sports (QPPSSA) and Qatar United English Speaking Schools (QUESS) Athletics meets as well as the BISQ Games. We compete in both the indoor and outdoor athletics meets and come away with many individual medals. We also run our annual Sports day with an Athletic focus. This has been held in the professional stadium at Aspire Dome.

Football at King’s College Doha

The construction of our 5-a-side AstroTurf Football pitch has revolutionised the teaching and learning of football amongst all of our pupils. We enter all age groups from Year 2+ into matches and the QPPSSA tournaments. We have shown great success with our football teams with one of our success stories being our Year 6 Girls winning the QPPSSA tournament 3 years in a row! Our football teams are offered additional coaching during the CCA program.

Swimming at King’s College Doha

Our temperature controlled 25-metre pool provides a popular facility amongst our children for the learning of swimming techniques, personal survival, and life-saving skills throughout the year.

Swimming competitions against local schools take place across the city. King’s College Doha has always had a competitive team and we’ve often come away with a range of individual medals. We invite the squad swimmers to additional training sessions to enhance their techniques and stamina in the water.

The children receive swimming lessons as part of their PE Curriculum from preschool through to Year 9 . The children also have Co-Curricular opportunities where they can take part in water polo, synchronised swimming and other aquatic activities.

Basketball at King’s College Doha

Basketball at King’s College Doha is played predominantly in age groups, where we run teams throughout the pupil population. All children have the opportunity to participate in the sport, learn the skills and rules of the game. They will take part in Basketball within their PE lessons, as well as the opportunity to develop their skills further in a co-curricular club. The staff responsible for running the teams are enthusiastic and knowledgeable teachers, who have shown progress in the children’s performance over the last 2 years. King’s College Doha have established themselves across the city for their ability in basketball, winning many of the boys’ and girls’ QPPSSA tournaments.