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The House system is a traditional feature of English independent schools. These ‘Houses’ are an integral part of every child’s life at school. Each child is allocated to one ‘House’ at the moment of enrolment. Historically, the House system was associated with established public schools in England, especially full boarding schools, where a ‘House’ referred to a boarding house at the school. In modern times, the word ‘House’ may refer only to a grouping of pupils, rather than to a particular building. At King’s College Doha our four Houses are named after the Arabian horses that gave lineage to the first thoroughbreds in the United Kingdom during the 18th Century. They are:

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House points

Pupils are awarded House points for academic and pastoral activities in daily school life. The House points give the opportunity to develop self-confidence, personal and team pride.

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kings college doha house House System - House System
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Academic endeavour

  • Trying hard to complete a challenging task.
  • Asking for help with difficult work after trying hard.
  • Significant academic achievement based on the child’s effort and ability.


  • Being organised – having the correct uniform and equipment regularly for lessons (older children)
  • Being helpful – volunteering to help tidy classroom or assisting the teacher.
  • Being kind – caring for someone when they are hurt, looking after new pupils, including others in games, sharing with and thinking of others.
  • Being polite – greeting people correctly, saying please and thank you, opening doors, allowing others to go first, smiling, being friendly, using names appropriately.
  • Being a team player – taking initiative and responsibility, cooperating, being supportive of others and respecting their ideas, offering compliments, being positive and encouraging.
  • Being honest – owning up to mistakes, telling the truth.

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Activities and Competitions

House events will run each term in which House teams compete against each other to earn House points. These activities will help children show their prowess in Poetry, Drama, Languages, Humanities, Classics, Maths, Science, various Sports, Music, Debating and Literature.

The winning Houses will be awarded cups and awards for various activities along with names posted on the honors boards. The overall House point winners each year will be awarded a cup at the final assembly.

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