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What Is Bullying? *

Bullying is behaviour that hurts someone else – such as name calling, hitting, pushing, spreading rumours, threatening or undermining someone.

It can happen anywhere – at school, at home or online. It’s usually repeated over a long period of time and can hurt a child both physically and emotionally.

Bullying that happens online, using social networks, games and mobile phones, is often called cyberbullying. A child can feel like there’s no escape because it can happen wherever they are, at any time of day or night.

Bullying includes:
  • verbal abuse, such as name calling and gossiping
  • non-verbal abuse, such as hand signs or text messages
  • emotional abuse, such as threatening, intimidating or humiliating someone
  • exclusion, such as ignoring or isolating someone
  • undermining, by constant criticism or spreading rumours
  • controlling or manipulating someone
  • racial or sexual bullying
  • physical assaults, such as hitting and pushing, spitting, tripping, taking someone’s belongings, making mean or rude hand gestures
  • making silent, hoax or abusive calls
  • online or cyberbullying.

*Taken from the NSPCC website – ‘Bullying and cyberbullying’

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Teaching children to be resilient

Some schools may tell you they do not encounter any bullying. A school that tackles bullying in a positive way is a sign of a school that is strong and accepts that bullying does take place. Rather than ignoring the problem, we have chosen to face it head on and equip our children with the best tools possible to stamp it out. Your support at home is an equally important part of this process; empowering your child through backing up what we teach at school and what the rest of the world is doing about bullying will help us in the wider community understand how to resolve bullying in school and further afield.

Anti-Bullying Week

Every November, the school celebrates Anti-Bullying Week to mark this key, international focus. This year, it will run from Sunday 11th – Thursday 15th November with Odd Socks Day being held on Monday 12th November. During Odd Socks Day, children are encouraged to wear a pair of odd socks all day. Odd Socks Day is designed to be fun, providing an opportunity for children to express themselves and appreciate individuality and uniqueness!

The build-up
Throughout the week before and on Sunday 11th November we will be collecting odd socks, children can take part in a colouring competition, and we will be introducing sock puppets to be used in our new Puppet Theatre. The colouring masterpieces and odd socks will then form a colourful bunting in the Atrium.

During the week

Talks for parents will be held over the week to help deal with any bullying issues that may arise at home. We will also be joining forces with a UK school to share a live video link, reinforcing our ‘Stop – I don’t like that!’ message – all of the Pre-Prep will be involved in this. Children in Year 6 will work with Reception on Mr. Men characters, while Year 5 will write play scripts; Year 4 will look at playground chants and Year 3 will be making and playing friendship games. All children will use their PSHE lesson to build on the introductory assembly (to be held on the Sunday) that focuses on the theme of Choose Respect.


The Odd Sock Colouring Template for the competition can be found here.

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What we do as a school to help prevent this type of behaviour?
  • We have a robust Safeguarding policy that encompasses an equally extensive Behaviour policy and Anti-Bullying policy.
  • All children follow the Reach for the Stars in the Pre-Prep which translates to House points, milestones and other achievements further up the school.
  • We run a thorough PSHE programme that allows children to share concerns with teachers and their classmates through circle time.
  • We have a Safeguarding Team of adults who are specifically trained to deal with child protection issues.
  • We place a Buddy Bench, Friendship Wall and a Friendship Zone in the playgrounds.
  • School Ambassadors and Playtime Monitors (children in Year 6) oversee and promote positive playground behaviour.
  • We have Be Kind Monitors in Year 2.

  • All staff undertake up-to-date child protection, safeguarding, online safety and anti-bullying training – this is reviewed on an annual basis and key policies are regularly revisited to reflect any significant changes in Governmental legislation. (Key policies can be found on the school’s website and others are available on request.)
  • The Deputy Head (Pastoral) is responsible for the welfare of the children. He ensures events such as Health & Wellbeing Week, Assemblies and Anti-Bullying Week take place to raise awareness of these important topics. Children are encouraged to understand that they have a voice; they know who they can go to talk to should they have any concerns.

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Other useful websites:
Anti Bullying Alliance
Interactive Anti Bullying Tool for Parents
Bullying UK
Safer Internet

King’s College Doha policies specific to anti-bullying:
Anti-Bullying Policy
Safeguarding at King’s College, Doha
E-Safety at King’s College, Doha

Brooks Gibbs:
American behaviour expert and a leading authority on child behaviour, Brooks Gibbs has a number of inspiring videos that illustrate the power battle between the bully and the victim. He teaches the victim how to be ‘resilient’ and learn how to stand up to bullies who choose to be unkind.


The school follows the Jigsaw Scheme of Work. Each class has one 30-minute lesson per week dedicated to the topics covered in this programme. Combined with at least two weekly assemblies and the strong school values that are woven into the school day, children are given numerous opportunities to:

  • explore and discuss concerns
  • learn how to manage friendships
  • develop one’s social skills and spiritual awareness.

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