Our amazing Reception children put on a great performance of four of our favourite stories for parents this week. The characters crept from the over-sized, ‘Once upon a time’ book.
The performance started with Reception D performing the Little Red Hen where the poor hen could not get anyone to help him prepare for the baking of bread. Thankfully, all ended well with a change of heart and a sharing of the bread. They also performed a catchy song to help them on their way!
This was followed with the children in Reception A performing the 3 Billy Goats. The Billy Goats had to be brave as they asked the mean old troll to let them cross over his bridge. The troll delighted the audience with his mean looks and troll-like voice. The goats passed one-by-one and the bravery of the final goat who, after several scuffings of his hoof, head-butted the troll into the water, receiving a spontaneous round of applause from the audience.
The performance then moved to the Gingerbread Man story with Reception B  gingerbread men being chased around the stage by a variety of characters. The children acted, danced and performed with great enthusiasm until the poor gingerbread man was swallowed by the cunning fox.
Last, but not least, came Reception C’s rendition of Goldilocks. Our little Goldilocks x3 crept into the Three Bear’s home to try their porridge, chairs and beds. Baby Bear’s bed was just right and she curled up and slept to the oohs and aahs of the audience. Her sleep was suddenly interrupted as the Bear’s returned to find her there! Oh no! Reception C woke Goldilocks up with their exciting rendition of “Goldilocks woke up!”
The whole  performance drew to a close with the whole of Reception returning to the stage to sing the lovely Fuzzy Bear song. The children rubbing their ‘fuzzy’ heads was just delightful!

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