[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Hot on the heels of our Reception children our Pre-School’s own Once Upon a Time Storybook opened with our very youngest children treating us to four of our other favourite traditional tales.

The first story by Pre-School D took us to the underwater world of The Little Mermaid. Here, we were charmed by the main characters of the story and the children sang and acted out the song I’m an Octopus. The Angry shark scared the audience but the octopus, whale, angelfish and octopus delighted them with the cutest of actions.
Following the depths of the waters, we were taken back onto dry land and even into the clouds as Pre-School C presented Jack and the Beanstalk.  Jack carefully climbed the beanstalk to take from the Giant’s castle. The audience held their breath as the giant awoke with a ROAR; stamping his feet and shaking the earth. The beanstalk was CHOP, CHOP, CHOPPED to the floor, with great gusto.
All good books come to an end and our final performance was of a little character dressed in red. Little Red Riding Hood was presented by Pre-School A where the cast looked on with horror at  ‘Granny’s’ enlarged nose, ears, eyes and teeth. The audience knew it wasn’t granny at all as she had, previously, been locked into a cupboard by the cutest wolf in town! To great relief, the woodcutter came and saved the day and added a sprinkling of humour, as he chased the wolf around the stage before rescuing the poor granny from the cupboard!
The book closed and signified the end of the EYFS performances but this experience, most certainly, left the children, staff and parents with, ‘happy ever after’ memories of a fabulous achievement from all of our EYFS children who all put on their ‘I am brave heads’ and delighted us all!

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