Wellbeing is not a given in life and is something that needs to be worked on as much as physical health. Our holistic approach to mental health challenges at King’s is to look after the needs of everyone within the broader school community.

We strive to support and promote the wellbeing and good mental health of all those in our community, including pupils, staff and parents. In doing so, we aim to create a culture of awareness of mental health needs, with no stigma or discrimination, providing high-quality mental health training for all. That is why all teaching staff at King’s undertake of pupil mental health course as part of their induction to the school.

We teach all our pupils, from the youngest years, the importance of mental health, whether it be through PHSE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic) lessons, our six annual Wellbeing Days, peer counselling, yoga or mindfulness sessions. It forms an integral part of our pastoral care offering, with all our staff equipped to understand and look out for the mental wellbeing of their pupils, with in classrooms, at lunch or in co-curricular activities.

A massive support network underpins our care for each child, including a Head of Phase, Form Tutor or Class Teacher, teachers, school nurse, peer counsellors or school prefects.

The Snug

From August 2023, a Wellbeing Centre will be housed on our new Mesaimeer Campus. This will be known in school as ‘The Snug’ and will be a calming hub where all members of our Prep and Senior School communities can seek respite and access resources to support their mental health. The décor will be natural, the furniture comfortable and the atmosphere calming, with a focus on creating a positive sensory experience.

All Prep and Senior School pupils will be introduced to The Snug at the beginning of each academic year through their PSHE lessons and a range of activities associated with wellbeing, such as mindfulness, meditation and yoga.