The History of
Kings College

Our Founder

The school’s founder was Nathaniel Woodard. Woodard was an educational innovator who created a series of schools where modern academic teaching was focussed on the needs of the whole child. His ‘One Idea’ inspired the support of Prime Ministers and industry leaders alike. Today, King’s Taunton is still part of Woodard Schools Group.

Nathaniel Woodard bought the school in 1879 to house King’s College Taunton. Woodard adopted his emblem of the ‘pelican in her piety’ to keep the association to Bishop Fox as this not only symbolised the school’s connection with its prestigious history but the symbol of the pelican, a bird who will do anything for its young, also complemented Woodard’s own belief in educating the ‘whole child’.

Holistic Education

Woodard was one of the first educationalists to advocate that schools should provide an holistic education, one which values each child’s identity, meaning and purpose in life, as much as their knowledge. This philosophy is an integral part of a King’s College education and something we are very proud of.

King’s Colleges Around the World

King’s schools throughout the world continue to provide adherence to excellence within a nurturing and positive environment in which young people achieve extraordinary things. For more information about the history of King’s College please visit the history section of our  UK site in Taunton by clicking here

King’s College Doha

King’s College Doha brings exceptional educational standards to Qatar and is fast becoming the premier choice for all families looking for an outstanding, all-round British style education for their child.

King’s provides the reassurance that families need to be confident their child will be able to transition seamlessly to any prestigious school in the world, should they wish.

Some pupils from King’s have already secured places at some of the most prestigious UK private schools; this is testament to the hard work and ability of these wonderful pupils and also an acknowledgement of the strong academic course set in place by King’s College Doha to enable such academic success.

Sheikh Mansoor bin Jassim bin Thani Al Thani

King’s College Doha is sponsored by Sheikh Mansoor bin Jassim bin Thani Al Thani, a member of the Qatar Royal Family. As well as his own portfolio of businesses, the Sheikh works for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Doha as the Counsellor for European Embassies, having previously been posted to Japan, Russia, Spain and the USA.


King’s College Doha has also formed a strong partnership with EduReach, a specialist in exporting premium British education. The EduReach team is highly experienced in founding British schools overseas and plays a key role in the development of the school.