As I write my latest blog from England, I am full of excitement for the new adventure that lies ahead. My family and I are preparing for our permanent move to Doha and my arrival on the 30th July. I have travelled backwards and forwards to Doha over the past months overseeing the development of the new school including its construction, the recruitment of our new teachers and most importantly getting a chance to meet some of the families who are starting with us in September.

Our own family values are much aligned with that of the new school. We hope to welcome you all and make the school a real family unit, providing not only first class education for your children but also to allowing you to forge relationships with each other. As a newcomer to Doha I have been lucky to have the support of the “on the ground team” with simple things such as how to get a mobile phone and where are good places to go out. I have started to develop friendships and to build relationships that will make living there fun. We hope to offer you similar levels of support particularly if you are a newcomer but also if you are well established. Our school will offer you a new community and sense of belonging.

Of bigger news is the appointment of our Specialist Teachers. You may remember that this is a key factor for us at King’s with specialists being involved with the children at a younger age and exclusively from Year 5. The Heads of Department are available to see on the website under the ‘About Us’ tab. We are delighted to have attracted such an expert group able to offer your children an enhanced experience at school. Our connection with King’s in the UK has certainly helped with the recruitment, ensuring that the same standards will be maintained in Doha as back in England.

On a separate note, our construction programme remains on track and according to plan. My next blog will go into more detail but suffice to say we are very pleased with progress and the quality of fittings and fixtures that have been ordered through our specialist suppliers in the UK and Europe.

I am hoping to meet as many families as possible over the next month and before the start of term so if you would like to meet with me, please contact our office and we will schedule an appointment.

Look forward to seeing you next week…