Firstly, on behalf of our staff, may I wish you all Eid Mubarak. We wish you and your families a happy and restful holiday and hope that your future will be filled joy and peace.

For our teachers and staff this holiday time has come as a welcome opportunity to take a deep breath before our much anticipated opening next week. Since their arrival a fortnight ago, the teachers have been engaged in an intensive training program preparing them, as much as we can, for the weeks and months ahead. Our induction has very much focused on three main areas:

Firstly, we have spent considerable time looking at our identity and how we can deliver and develop the values and standards set out by our mother school in an international context. Through considerable whole staff discussion we have consolidated what we will collectively look to offer as a school. With regard to our place within Qatar and the region, we have focused on local customs and expectations supplemented with information sessions run by the State Mosque and Fanar Cultural Centre. Whilst very British by nature, we look to confidently offer the best of British independent education with sensitivity and an appreciation of our local culture and customs.

Secondly we have been looking at how to effectively offer a vigorous and all encompassing curriculum and maintain consistently high standards of teaching and learning. We have combined training from various providers such as Oxford International Education, Pearson Education and CTouch Interactive learning along with input from our SLT as to exactly what exactly outstanding teaching practice is and ways to develop high quality teaching and standards over time.

Our last stage has been a focus on collaborative departmental planning and the preparation of our physical environment. This has included the planning of lessons, preparation of our amazing learning environment and looking at all the operating procedures required to make this school run effectively and safely.

One key point I am always keen to stress with all our staff and parents is that no school is ever perfect and new schools are certainly no exception. As a community, we need to be aware that there is a huge amount of hard work ahead to establish ourselves as one of the outstanding schools in the region. There is a need from all sides for honesty and transparency and an understanding that should there be teething troubles, we will work tirelessly to get everything right. Goodwill from all sides is a must. Our role in the coming days and weeks is a crucial one in that we only have one chance to start King’s College Doha the right way. We are confident in our ability to do this and are collectively committed to work in earnest and offer our families the education they expect and deserve. It all starts on Sunday!

Nicholas Gunn