The extended school day that operates in the Prep and Senior Schools means that we will be able to offer an electives programme at our iconic Mesaimeer Campus from August 2023. This innovative programme of modular options, completely unique to Qatar, will form a key component of our curriculum for Prep and Senior School pupils, containing a wide range of studies and life skills that are valuable and form part of a great education. Pupils in Years 3 and above will spend 40 minutes, four days per week, in their chosen electives, which will rotate every half-term.

Pupils will be able to choose something new or they may prefer to develop an existing interest. The electives programme will give pupils the ability to choose what they learn without the pressure of it forming part of an assessed or examined curriculum.

Whilst the electives available will vary over time, examples might include starting a new language from scratch, an art-related elective in clay modelling, a programme of entrepreneurship, photography, stop frame animation, film appreciation or forensic psychology.

Over time, the electives programme will also encourage and enable pupils to become involved in community outreach activities, allowing them to make a positive local difference to the lives of others.