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It has been an interesting few weeks since we were allowed to reopen the schools in Doha. I was so pleased that we were able to have the children in school for the first time since early March and continue to provide all King’s pupils with a first-class British education. We knew that the reopening would present us with some challenges and that there would be new restrictions on how schools would be able to reopen.

In Doha, details of the restrictions and rules for reopening were published by the Ministry of Education in late August. We all pulled together as a school to ensure that King’s College was ready and prepared to welcome the school community back in a safe and secure environment. We were (and still are) restricted to 30% capacity allowed on the school site on any one day. We have addressed this by implementing a rotating timetable to enable pupils to be in school for 50% of the time. Attendance in school has been excellent with over 95% in-school attendance levels. These very high levels of attendance are a wonderful testament to the ability of our UK-trained Class and Specialist teachers and our team of Arabic teachers who make the lessons exciting despite some of the limitations around movement and with class sizes limited.

Alongside the in-school provision, we also offer online lessons on the days when these pupils are not in school (every other day) as well as an online provision for pupils who are working fully online. From the outset, the school committed to offering an online provision for families who were out of country or who were unable to return to school due to their own health requirements. This meant that we were ready with the in-school, blended and online provision on the 1st September.

The start of the new term, as always, was very busy and this year was busier than ever but everyone has risen to the occasion. The staff have all supported the pupils, and each other. The King’s College parents have been committed to the School and they have adapted well. The pupils, however, have been amazing. They are happy to be in school and just this morning they were eager to be the first through the gates. This year more than ever, King’s College Doha will be focusing on embracing and nurturing this passion, our children show, for lifelong learning through our extended and fulfilling School day.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]