Admissions birthdate chart for the academic year 2020/2022.

An applicant is required to be three (3) years of age on or before 31st August of that year to be age appropriate for entry to Pre-School.

For academic year 2020/2021 For academic year 2021/2022

Birthdate (30th Sept cut-off)

Birthdate (30th Sept cut-off) Year applying for in KCD British Curriculum Equivalent American Curriculum Equivalent IB Curriculum Equivalent
1st Oct 2016 – 30th Sep 2017 1st Oct 2017 – 30th Sep 2018 Pre-School Nursery Pre-School 3
1st Oct 2015 – 30th Sep 2016 1st Oct 2016 – 30th Sep 2017 Reception Reception Pre-KG Pre-School 4
1st Oct 2014 – 30th Sep 2015 1st Oct 2015 – 30th Sep 2016 Year 1 Year 1 KG Pre-School 5
1st Oct 2013 – 30th Sep 2014 1st Oct 2014 – 30th Sep 2015 Year 2 Year 2 Grade 1 Grade 1
1st Oct 2012 – 30th Sep 2013 1st Oct 2013 – 30th Sep 2014 Year 3 Year 3 Grade 2 Grade 2
1st Oct 2011 – 30th Sep 2012 1st Oct 2012 – 30th Sep 2013 Year 4 Year 4 Grade 3 Grade 3
1st Oct 2010 – 30th Sep 2011 1st Oct 2011 – 30th Sep 2012 Year 5 Year 5 Grade 4 Grade 4
1st Oct 2009 – 30th Sep 2010 1st Oct 2010 – 30th Sep 2011 Year 6 Year 6 Grade 5 Grade 5
1st Oct 2008 – 30th Sep 2009 1st Oct 2009 – 30th Sep 2010 Year 7 Year 7 Grade 6 Grade 6
1st Oct 2007 – 30th Sep 2008 1st Oct 2008 – 30th Sep 2009 Year 8 Year 8 Grade 7 Grade 7
1st Oct 2006 – 30th Sep 2007 1st Oct 2007 – 30th Sep 2008 Year 9 Year 9 Grade 8 Grade 8

Step One

To apply for a place for your child at King’s College Doha please complete the online application form. For further information about available places, you can contact us by telephone on +974 5561 6879 or by email at Once we receive your completed application form, you will be contacted to arrange an assessment for your child. Assessments are by appointment only and require specific documents (please see the list below) to be uploaded via the online application, along with a non-refundable application fee of QAR 500. Please note, due to the volume of applications, unscheduled visits cannot be accommodated.

List of Required Documents:

  • 2 recent passport-sized photo of your child
  • Child’s passport
  • Parent’s/guardian’s passport
  • Child’s birth certificate
  • Valid Qatar ID card (for child and parents)
  • Up-to-date health and immunisation documentation (for child)
  • A recent report from your child’s/children’s nursery/school
  • Any other relevant reports relating to specific learning needs or medical requirements (allergies etc) for your child.

We ask you to note that in accordance with the Ministry of Education (MoE) guidelines for student admissions in Qatar, your application will not be considered without the mentioned documents when submitting your application.

All children must be in possession of a valid Qatari Residency Permit before starting school in Qatar.


Children entering Pre-School, Reception and Year 1 (3 to 5 years old) will undertake play-based observations in small groups. Assessments for children entering Years 2 to 8 (6 to 13 years old) will undertake a more formal assessment where the focus will be on reading, writing and mathematics.

The decision to admit your child is made after we have considered all aspects of the application. All offers are subject to availability of places. With regret, due to the number of applications we receive and as per our school policy, it is not possible to give detailed individualised feedback after an assessment has been completed.

Step Two

If the application is successful, our Admissions Team will send you an offer letter of confirmation, offering your child a place at King’s College Doha along with an acceptance form.

The year group to which your child is admitted will be age-appropriate and in accordance with the International Education System Equivalency guidance issued by the MoE.

Step Three

To proceed with your child’s enrolment, you will be required to pay the non-refundable registration fee of QAR 2,500 to our Admissions Team within 7 days of receipt of our offer letter. This payment can be settled online through our website or via bank transfer or in person by credit card or cash at the school.

Step Four

Finally, in order to accept and secure the place, an acceptance deposit must be paid (QAR 7,925 for Pre-School – Year 6, QAR 8,917 for Year 7 – 8). This will be deducted from your first term’s fees.

Overseas Applications

Prospective parents wishing to join us from overseas please complete the online application form and provide all the relevant information and documents, including academic reports and any behavioural reports, if applicable. Please be aware that the MoE has set the initial cut-off date of 17th October for registration of all new overseas children. All parents will be required to seek permission from the MoE for their child to start school in Qatar. Final registration for overseas children for each academic year is 31st January.

As per the MoE’s guidelines for overseas applicants, the latest school report, clearly stating the completed year group, must be translated in English, and stamped and attested by the following:

  1. Ministry of Education of the country of the latest attended school
  2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of the latest attended school
  3. Qatari Embassy/Consulate of the country of the latest attended school
  4. Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Qatar
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