Scholarships are provided in recognition of outstanding performance and a demonstration of exceptional ability, be that in the field of academia, sport or the expressive arts. To be a King’s College scholar is a very special achievement and one of which pupils and parents should be proud.

King’s scholars act as role models and peer leaders, demonstrating how potential can be realised in school. Scholarships are, of course, conditional upon a pupil maintaining a high standard of performance and a commitment to contributing fully to school life.

Scholarships can be awarded to outstanding new and existing pupils who excel in their specialist areas and beyond, and measured through assessments, performance, results and competition, typically at national level.

Scholarships offer a tuition fee remittance and are reviewed annually.


King’s also offers bursaries in exceptional circumstances, providing financial assistance for families who would otherwise be unable to afford a King’s College education. Parents who require additional financial assistance should contact the admissions team as early as possible, at

Parents or guardians of candidates requesting bursary assistance will be required to undergo means testing via the full completion of financial circumstances forms, which will enable King’s to give an initial indication of the size of bursary available should the pupil in question be offered a place.

Information about bursaries and means testing is available from the admissions team.