At the heart of the King’s College educational philosophy is the fusion of the highest academic standards with a commitment to excellent pupil wellbeing.

This is encapsulated in a unique teaching and learning model, known as the King’s College Tapestry, which informs our lesson planning, drives the professional development of our teachers in school and is steeped in the latest educational research.

The golden thread

At the heart of the model are the five pupil habits that form The King’s Identity, the ‘golden thread’ which binds together all pupils who walk through our gates.

Types of learning

The different types of learning that explicitly support the development of each of the habits that make up the King’s Identity are also featured in the King’s College Tapestry, serving as an aide memoire for our teachers as they implement strategies designed to bring the King’s Identity to life in the classroom.

Teaching strategies

The next segments of the King’s College Tapestry relate specifically to the strategies that our teachers employ in the classroom to enable our pupils to embody each of the habits that form the King’s Identity.

The final layer

Academic achievement and wellbeing outline the impact of applying the King’s College Tapestry in lessons at King’s.