King’s College Sixth Form – Mesaimeer Campus (Ages 16-18)

We believe that your Sixth Form years should be the most engaging and fulfilling of your time at school. You will form firmer friendships, sharpen your focus on areas of genuine academic interest and begin the task of discovering where life will take you once you leave the structured framework of a school environment.

Opening in August 2023 on our stunning Mesaimeer Campus, the King’s College Sixth Form will provide a stimulating, innovative and friendly environment in which pupils have every opportunity to flourish, and in a school that prides itself on its excellent teaching, high levels of academic challenge, outstanding pastoral care and sound careers advice and guidance.

Housed in its own section of the campus, our impressive Sixth Form Centre will offer a modern and dynamic environment, including seminar rooms, dedicated teaching spaces, a sleek kitchen and quiet study areas. The Centre is being specifically designed to give our oldest pupils the independence and status that they deserve as they transition into life as young adults.

British_School_Doha Sixth form

A curriculum that prepares you for the future

In the Sixth Form, most pupils will take three A-levels over the two years. The A-level is the golden standard of British school education, enabling pupils to develop a mastery of several complementary or contrasting subject areas whilst also allowing them to pursue options in areas of strong personal interest. All our A-level subjects will be taught by specialist teachers who have a passion for the courses they deliver and are there to support you as you make your choices for university and beyond. The combination of rigour and specialism offered at A-level make it the ideal preparation both for university and working life.

Academic and personal enrichment

Sixth Form pupils at King’s will see their academic life as being more than just a focus on their A-level grades. We will encourage a deeper love of learning through independent study, reading and research. An exciting enrichment programme will be on offer for pupils to explore, with sixth formers taking leading roles in many of our electives and co-curricular activities, organising social and charity events, directing plays, leading pupil committees and going on numerous trips.

Indeed, A-levels at King’s will be far from the only way in which intellectual development will be encouraged. Subjects will run extension programmes and pupils will be able to choose to participate in a wide variety of academic societies. The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) will be a central feature of our Sixth Form offer for all pupils as we believe that it provides an unparalleled opportunity for young people to develop essential academic and presentational skills for higher education, as well as offering a chance to experience a love of learning for its own sake in an area of personal interest.

The Edge

The Edge is a unique programme for King’s College sixth formers that has been designed to equip our oldest pupils with the skills they need to set them apart in today’s rapidly changing and increasingly competitive world. We have developed The Edge in response to issues identified by universities, employers and parents to address aspects of personal development which are not naturally developed in the academic or co-curricular spheres.

The Edge will be completed by Term 2 in Year 13, allowing our sixth form pupils to take advantage of the exam preparation advice provided by academic departments in the weeks leading up to the final A-level examinations.

A qualification in First Aid

A cooking programme including training on nutrition and budgeting

Digital responsibilities (internet safety and managing a positive profile online)

Public speaking training

Health and fitness for life

Financial literacy