King’s College Senior School – Mesaimeer Campus (Ages 13-18)

Celebrating aspiration and individuality

Being involved in the education of young people is a real privilege, as is working in an environment like that of King’s College. Why? Because King’s is a genuinely welcoming place, a community in which academic excellence is admired and individuality is celebrated. We seek to develop young people who are confident, creative, committed, caring and curious, with respect for both themselves and others.

In the Senior School, we will expect your child to do well, and the expectations are high, but they are set appropriately for each pupil as we want your child’s education to be fun and enjoyable. That is why we provide a huge range of opportunities for development outside the classroom to support our challenging and inspiring academic education, which culminates in our pupils sitting IGCSE and A-level examinations in readiness for their attendance at world-class universities.

An all-round education

At King’s, we value emotional and social development as much as academic and intellectual development. From the moment your child joins our supportive and close-knit Senior School, he or she will be nurtured and challenged. We take pride in knowing each child as an individual, stretching them, encouraging them and appreciating them for every contribution they make to our school community. Characteristics such as kindness towards one’s peers and commitment through adversity are developed just as much as creative, academic or sporting prowess.

We believe that our rounded and holistic approach, inspired our famous sister school in the UK, is what will make a difference to your child’s life journey, which is why your child will be actively encouraged to participate as fully as possible in our innovative elective and co-curricular programmes. In return, we hope your child will develop into someone who believes that they can make a positive difference to the lives of others at school, locally and globally.

Kate Jackson
Deputy Head

Our British Curriculum is designed to offer pupils a broad and balanced choice of subjects at GCSE and A-Level.

GCSE Options 2024 – 2026

GCSE qualifications comprise a series of public examinations to be completed at the age of 16. IGCSEs are the international adaptations of these qualifications and carry the same significance with educational institutions worldwide.

Download a copy of our GCSE course options here