As we now reach the endpoint of a momentous term at King’s, in which a great deal has felt new, I would like to take a moment to reflect on where we find ourselves.

Change this term, like a swift current, has been both invigorating and demanding, presenting a multitude of new challenges and experiences. Navigating this dynamic landscape, whether at our Mesaimeer or Al Thumama campuses, has been, and continues to be, a journey marked by both excitement and introspection.

Change, in its essence, is a formidable challenge. It requires us to adapt, to recalibrate our understanding and to embrace the unfamiliar. The influx of new facilities, faces and routines can, at times, be disorienting. It challenges established norms and invites us to question our existing paradigms. Yet, it is only within this crucible of change that new opportunities can emerge.

Just last week, we witnessed two examples of this in action: Qatar’s first-ever Rugby Sevens schools’ tournament, hosted by King’s on our new sports pitches at Mesaimeer, and two extraordinary Prep and Senior School Winter Concerts, which took place in an incredible theatre that, during the campus construction phase this time last year, was merely a figment of our imaginations.

We could never have hosted these events, in the way that we did, without the changes that this new academic year has brought about. And so, yes, change can disorientate us all, but it also offers us the chance to innovate, to reimagine and to evolve.

In the face of these challenges and opportunities, we find solace and strength in one thing that will never change: our commitment to the enduring ethos of King’s College.

Our traditions, the bedrock of our King’s Identity, provide a compass as we navigate uncharted waters. They remind us of the principles that have anchored us through the years, principles of excellence, care for others, and a commitment to nurturing not just academic prowess, but also character and resilience.

As we navigate this change, it is essential to remember that, at the heart of it all, lies the unwavering commitment that we have to The King’s Identity. This identity is not just a static entity but a force that evolves with each passing day, shaping and being shaped by the community it serves. It isn’t just enshrined on the walls of our two campuses through our Kindness Pledge, replete with butterflies signed by each pupil, but is also lived out through the confidence that our sportsmen and women show on the sports pitches, through the abundance of creativity displayed by our artists, musicians and actors, through the curiosity of pupils like Alexander (Year 4), Ophelia (Year 6) and Jassim (Year 2), who became national champions in Chess, Photography and a Quran Competition this term – and even through the commitment to their school of our newly elected parent group, The Social Network, who met me for the first time this week.

Amid change, The King’s Identity remains our anchor – our guiding star. It ensures that while we embrace innovation, we stay true to the course charted by the values that define us. It is a reminder that, despite the challenges and the newness that has surrounded us over recent months, the heart of King’s College Doha persists with an enduring spirit.

And so, as we embark upon a well-earned winter break, let us reflect on a term in which our pupils have faced challenges with resilience and relished in the delights of discovery. But let us, above all, remain steadfast in our commitment to The King’s Identity.

Thank you – and my warmest wishes for a wonderful winter break with family and loved ones.