Time has certainly flown since my last posting and our first few weeks have been a kaleidoscope of activity. As expected, there have been numerous times to date when our sleeves have needed to be rolled up and with all hands on deck, but our whole school assembly this morning illustrated very much how far we have come in such a short space of time. Our students sat proudly in our our stunning atrium waiting patiently at the start all well presented and looking very much King’s pupils in their immaculate uniforms. As a school we spent a wonderful 20 minutes together celebrating the successes of the week.

Teachers shared the academic achievements of the week and highlighted some particularly deserving pupils who were invited to the stage to share their work and achievements. Amongst the smiles and claps and puffed out chests was the overwhelming feeling of a school that is settled, secure calm and already with a warm and supportive heart.

Part of this positive feel has been our already successful house system. As with King’s U.K., we have every child linked to one of four houses, ours being named after the Arabic horse breeds of Byerley, Godolphin, Darley and Markham. Each child can be awarded housepoints over the week for positive actions, efforts and achievements. These are posted in house boxes and then counted at the end of the week. These scores are shared in assembly and tallied over the year counting towards termly treats and an end of year cup for the winners. School house events over the year such as singing, activity and sports days will another competitive element to this. Collectively our students managed 439 house points this week with Byerley being victorious!

Our assembly concluded with the school being filled with the spine-tingling sound of student song. A shared moment of wonderment and a reminder of the many special things that children can do when they work together. I am already looking forward to what next week will bring.

As always I am most grateful to all our staff and parents for their support in taking us so far in such a short time. Have a wonderful weekend!